Visiting new places is always so exciting! Especially when that new place is as beautiful as Prague. The weather today was perfect for a day out, too: bright and sunny, if a little on the freezing side!

A cold winter’s day in Prague

However, the Christmas Markets were still going, which meant that at every square we were surrounded with amazing smells of cinnamon, chocolate, hot wine, roasting meats… But ruling over all was the scent of trdelnik – a Czech sweet bread, coated in sugar and cinnamon, twisted round a pole to form a tube and cooked over an open fire. Unfortunately, they were all eaten too quickly for me to get a photo!

The ‘Christmas’ Market, always popular with frozen tourists!

Indeed, the spirit of Christmas seemed still present there, especially in the dedicated glass Christmas tree ornament shops: the Czech Republic is historically an area renowned for its glasswork and was the main rival of Venice for a long, long time.

Bubbles of pure Christmas spirit
A more universal souvenir: a tealight holder to match the baubles

Of course, our route also led us past the medieval clock, the Charles bridge and the breathtaking Gothic cathedral, the last being the most memorable for me: Gothic is hands-down my favourite architectural style. Just look at that ornate stonework!

Another photo of the cathedral captured a steampunk-esque discrepancy in technology:

Out of context, it looks like a part of a steampunk film set!

Finally, hungry and tired, we headed to a restaurant… where the waiters were trains!

Bringing the drinks

And as I say goodbye and head off to bed for a well-deserved rest after this excursion, I leave you with another view of Prague as the sun was beginning to set.



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