New Year’s Eve is always a big deal for our family and friends, which means that there’s a LOT of food – almost like a second Christmas in a week! So we decided to pre-emptively burn some calories with a bracing 4 hour walk around the local area.

The last day of 2015 dawned bright and clear… and bitterly cold

As we headed towards the forest, we could see the snow cannons trying in vain to rescue the local “ski resort” reputation: it’s been a general outdoor holiday rather than a skiing holiday for everyone here.

Not giving up hope

Even without any snow though, the forest was still extremely beautiful and an absolute wonder to walk through.

About a third of the way along our route, an impromptu stop occurred, as we stopped to examine a stream with the most fantastic ice formations I have ever seen: water spray and droplets froze onto already existing ice, creating globular structures.

But of course, it being almost January, we saw some more traditional icicles too. It was very exciting, actually, as the UK is too warm to permit them from forming, but temperature is certainly not a problem in the Czech Republic (did I mention it was very cold today?).


At the end of our journey, we had a potful of hot Czech garlic soup Česnečka waiting for us, which was perfect for a warm up, and gave us the much needed morale boost to start preparing food for the celebrations.

I hope you all have a great New Year!


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