Having spent a week up in the mountains in Czech Republic, it’s a shame to go… Especially as we finally got snow! In the next valley along, there was enough of the stuff to even ski, which we did for the full day today. Now back to the chalet for a brief rest, and then on home to the warm and mild UK. All in all, it’s been a wonderful visit: plenty of museums and an outing to Prague, as well as walking around the local area. So to say goodbye, here are a few photos from the last brief walk I took yesterday:

The landscape was a rather sombre one, with lots of dead browns and damp greys and some fog over the mountains, but personally I like these miserable views. I find them calming and powerful, and full of a mysterious and underappreciated beauty. During my walk, however, the cloud cover briefly tore, and I got the chance to experiment with camera settings while photographing the gentle sunset.

I feel that these photos are a nice note to finish on. It’s a shame about the lack of photos from today, but I fell over a little too often to risk taking a camera onto the slope!


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