Recently fetured on our Facebook page were these upcycled seashell tealights:DSC_0154.JPG

I originally saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it was fantastic: the natural curve of the seashell contains the wax and acts as its own candleholder. Moreover, being a tealight, it didn’t require much wax, which meant that I could simply melt down leftover wax from shop-bought tealights, and so reduce waste a little. The other wonderful thing about working with tealights is that it gave me a great chance to experiment with scents and fragrances, trying out different mixtures in each one.

The shells themselves were saved up from the couple of times our family had shellfish for dinner: it seemed wrong somehow to bin the shells so I squirreled them away, until I would find a project to use them for. I still have a couple left, so I think I might use them as soap moulds…

Interested in the tealights? Check out


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