The year of upcycling sounds like a great idea! I think I might hop onboard with that… Especially as I don’t shop at high street stores anyway: going into them always makes me feel a little sick and ill inside: I’m really not a fan of mass “stamped out” consumerism without a heart or soul.

BrawHem : Upcycling My Year

After setting up BrawHem earlier this year, it felt appropriate that my New Year’s Resolution would involve sewing, and more specifically, upcycling. So this is my challenge – a whole year of making my own clothes, using only upcycled materials. And you can come along for the (likely rather bumpy) ride. I’ll be sharing my makes, tips for recycling and donating, some easy no-sew upcycling projects you can do at home, and information about reducing the 350,000 tonnes of clothing waste we produce each year.

You can get full details of the challenge and my reasons behind it here, but in brief the rules are:

  • No buying clothes from high-street stores.
  • I’m allowing myself to buy clothes from a charity shop, only if they’ll be drastically, structurally altered, or turned into something new entirely.
  • Anything I can’t sew (I’m thinking knitted things – I can’t knit, at all) I will…

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