I’ve often worked with wax before, but until recently never really got the chance to work with soap… Which I now realise is a great shame.

The main thing I love with soap is that you don’t have to worry as much about clearing up pots and pans: you can do it even after the contents are solid because, well, it’s soap. It’s soluble. So without further ado, here’s a little on how I made honey, spices and orange soap.

Obviously, the first thing to do was melt the soap base. I had just used the same saucepan to boil some honey for a cooking project (more on that tomorrow), so figured that the best use for the leftovers would be to add them into soap.


I wanted to make something a little more interesting than just a simple block of soap, so I decided to add some shapes in different colours. The only question was what to use as a mould. A little creative thinking brought me an elegant and green solution: a plastic tray taken from a box of chocolates.


While these bits were setting, I decided to make the main part of the soap, which would encase the paler honey shapes above. I used cinammon and other spices to colour the mix, giving the soap a lovely scent.


All parts complete, it was time to make the soap bars themselves. I like green solutions, so I re-used plastic pots from yogurts and cheese for the moulds, which meant that I had some interesting shapes, too!

Next, I added the spice soap:

For some bars, I also added orange zest for an added twist. The soap has since been sent on to Russia along with a family member to pass on to friends and family as a belated New Year’s present; but I really loved working with the stuff and will certainly be looking to start selling it in the future at www.etsy.com/uk/shop/GrowingEvergreen

For now, why not check out my work with wax in the Etsy shop?


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