Ah, adversity.

We all have to overcome it at some point in every project we undertake. Mine came early with this blog: my laptop died back in January leaving my computer access rather limited. Needless to say, running a blog under such conditions was practically impossible., and I had to put it aside. Until now.

Without a laptop I suddenly discovered that there is a lot more time in a day than I previously thought, and all in all I think the break was more of a blessing than a curse. It also gave me time to think a bit more about my online projects (this blog and an Etsy-shop-to-be) and to realise that I hadn’t quite taken the right angle with them. Yes, they reflected parts of myself, but a few parts do not constitute a whole. There seemed to me to be some hollowness in the online persona, so the logical thing to do was to change it before it’s too late.

Being green is very important to me, that is true, and I am never happier than when out in nature, but they are not my defining features. Rather, it is a love of the unusual, the eccentric, the eclectic. In light of this, Growing Evergreen has become Theta’s Eclectique: still with keen concern for environment and sustainability, but angled more towards my other interests.

Hopefully I shall have more success this time.

For now, I can only show the beginning of my rebranding process: the cover and icon of my Etsy shop (blog rebrand to follow!):

Theta's Eclectique CoverTheta's Eclectique Icon (1)

I have decided to go for a more antiquated style, in line with my own fashion preferences ( https://www.pinterest.com/thetaseclectiqu/fashion-ideas/ is regularly updated with those), and am looking forward to where things will go from there.

Best of luck in all your projects!


P.S. Living without a laptop also gave me time to finally brush up on my Latin; so that I retain my skills and knowledge, I shall try to sign off with a new Latin phrase every time.

Si animus et pectus convenient, cunctus corpus contentus est.

(If the mind and the heart agree, the whole body is pleased)


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