I have three main interests in life: making things, nature, and learning. In my case, this is all with a slightly eclectic slant – you would be as likely to see me in a replica 19th century dress as hiking up a mountain slope for the third day running (in modern gear, of course. I’m not entirely mad yet).

This is to be a sort of public journal, showing what I’ve learnt, where I’ve travelled, what I’ve made. I sincerely hope to arouse similar interest and curiosity in you too.

Linked to this is also what is to be an Etsy shop, a project which has been in the works for a while and may finally be coming together. For now, I am about on Pinterest.

I hope you enjoy your time here.


Ars, natura et scientia ante omnes alios!


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    1. I was lucky enough to have Latin as a course in my school: first GCSE, then A-level (these are UK qualifications). I would highly recommend the 5-book series of the Cambridge Latin Course and Kennedy’s Revised Latin Primer for those who are looking to learn the language to a similar level.

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